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CDD Rules

There are two categories of Coral Bay CDD rules:

  • Those covering CDD Board procedures including, but not limited to, organization, meetings, rulemaking, purchasing, and contracts.

  • Those covering the CDD-owned facilities and properties, including, but not limited to, the gates, parking on CDD property, the lake, the parks and pools, and the Clubhouse.

Rules Pertaining to CDD Board Procedures

The following two documents pertain to the CDD Board procedures category:


Rules Pertaining to All CDD-Owned Facilities and Properties

The document that contains the various rules for all CDD-owned facilities and properties, the second category, is the Amended and Restated Rules Governing the use of the Recreational and Other District Facilities of the Coral Bay Community Development District (pdf) Revised 12/14/2023, commonly referred to as the Rules document.

The sections in this Rules document cover:

  • the current parking rules and restrictions.

  • the use of clubhouse, pools, parks, basketball/multi-purpose court, tennis courts, playground, and all other recreational facilities owned, maintained, and operated by the District.

  • The use of or construction on lakes, canals, drainage areas, shoreline and any land belonging to or controlled by the District.

  • the rental of the Clubhouse Meeting Room.

  • activating and de-activating gate access for a property

  • the reasons for suspension of privileges and the consequences


Some Items to Note About the Rules and Construction Projects

Construction and reconstruction projects require approved permits prior to initiating the actual work. To assist with the process, the “Permit Criteria Manual for Projects Within the Coral Bay Community Development District” and the CDD permit application are both provided on the Forms page.

Any construction or reconstruction projects on property adjacent to the lakes and other water bodies of the District require permits that include obtaining permission from the CDD, which generally needs to be preceded by an Architectural Review (ARC) Form from the HOA. Docks and shoreline projects are the most common projects of this type.  Information for Dock Construction, Lake and Canal Bank Restoration and Stabilization projects are provided in the Rules document.  Additionally, prototype Lake Shore Erosion Control Plans are provided in the Rules document’s Attachments section.  These attachments were developed by the District Engineer at the Board’s request to offer homeowners a convenient starting point.

The widening of a driveway apron, done in connection with the widening of a driveway for any unit with a sidewalk and swale, requires the same permitting process as just noted.

The City of Margate is also requesting a copy of a “no objection” letter from the CDD for any project on private property that affects the natural ground surface, such as building a patio, since, per the City, it may affect the area’s drainage.

Lastly, note that Coral Bay contains eight (8) independent Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs) that have their own rules and regulations.  These HOAs do not own, nor are they responsible for, any of the common property.  However, they do have governing documents that cover their areas of responsibility.  Contact an individual HOA for their individual rules and documents by going to the HOAs page.

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