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The Coral Bay Community Development District (CDD) encompasses approximately 236 acres and is located in the City of Margate Florida, just to the south and west of the intersection of Sample Road (SR 834) and Turtle Creek Drive (NW 62nd Avenue).  The CDD owns, operates, and maintains approximately 71 acres of water management tracts, including a 69-acre lake.

The schematic map below shows the 997 homes, the lake, and the side canals that comprise the Coral Bay District.  The 997 homes are each responsible for the care and maintenance of their own property (residence and lot). Each property is part of one of the 8 villages within Coral Bay. Each village has its own Homeowners’ Association (HOA), and is named and sized as follows:

  • Fay’s Cove — 119 Homes

    • Indian Key — 215 Homes

    • Islamorada — 64 Homes

    • Las Brisas — 122 Homes

    • Las Brisas Del Mar — 34 Homes

    • Mallory Harbor — 101 Homes
      (Note: This includes the homes designated as in Mallory Harbor East)

    • Port Antigua — 147 Homes

    • The Cape — 195 Homes

Click on the map/link to open a larger version in a new tab.

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