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Gate Setup


Coral Bay was constructed with 3 roadways that provide entry to and exit from Coral Bay.  All of these roadways are gated and monitored by Envera is the company that provides both gate equipment and security camera services for Coral Bay.  Please note that any recorded act of vandalism or property damage will be pursued for full financial reimbursement.


In order to balance the issues of cost, appearance. and limitations regarding the gating of a CDD, the Board investigated and determined the following setup was best:

  • There are 2 gated roadway sites on the east side of the community off of Northwest 62nd Avenue; one at North Bay Drive and the other at South Bay Drive.  Each of these sites has two inbound lanes and two outbound lanes.  One inbound lane is a Resident -only Lane and requires a transponder for entry; the other inbound lane is for Guests.  Both outbound lanes are for use of both residents and guests and do not require a transponder to exit.

  • The third gated roadway area is on the west side of the community, off of Northwest 30th Street.  It is set up for Residents-Only in both directions, that is, requires a transponder for both entry and exit. There is no means of opening these gates without a transponder.  This prevents our perimeter road from becoming an available route for non-resident thru-traffic that would increase both the traffic volume and resultant wear-and-tear on the roadway that the District is responsible for maintaining.


Obtaining Gate Transponders


Coral Bay owners and residents must register and then purchase one or more transponders. You can specify up to two (2) people on this initial setup form who are heads of the household.  Heads of the household should be responsible adults who are listed on the deed or on the lease, as one of these items must be present as part of the registration.   Once registered, additional transponders may be purchased in the future without the need to re-register, unless your registered information has changed.

To register, download the Owner/Tenant Gate Registration Form (pdf).  Alternatively, you can pick up a registration form from outside of the Clubhouse office at any time the Clubhouse pool is open. There is a weather-proof container holding the blank forms next to the office door.

Next, return the completed form to CDD management staff in one of these 2 ways:

  • Bring to the Coral Bay Clubhouse office during the posted hours. Bring proof of residency (a recent bill, government ID, lease, or deed showing a Coral Bay address and the name of at least one of the people on this form). You must show proof of residency to have your form processed.  If you have trouble with availability with those times, you may contact Governmental Management Services, either Julio Padilla at (954) 721-8681 ext. 213 or Patrick Burgess at (954) 721-8681 ext. 333 to schedule an appointment. Once validated, you may purchase transponders as described in the next step


  • Return the registration form by mail only if you can meet the residency and/or ownership validation criteria.  Since the validation of mailed in-forms will be checked against Broward County tax records, do not mail in your form if you have recently purchased your home or if you rent since your status will not be able to be verified. However, if you qualify for mailing, send the form to: Governmental Management Services
    Attention Coral Bay CDD
    5385 N. Nob Hill Road
    Sunrise, FL 33351


Since transponders are only sold in the clubhouse office, you will need to go there to purchase transponders.


To purchase one or more transponders:

  • You must be a registered owner or tenant to purchase a transponder.

  • Transponders are available for purchase at a price that just covers the District’s acquisition cost.

  • The only forms of payment accepted are Money Orders or Bank Cahiers Check payable to Coral Bay CDD.

  • Please be sure to include your name, street address, and signature.

  • No personal, business, or any other type of checks or other type of payments are accepted.


A few final things to note:

  • It is the responsibility of each owner/tenant to keep their registration information current. Please advise District Management of any changes, additions, or deletions.

  • The management company’s Sunrise office will not be able to assist you with a transponder purchase.  The only place that a transponder may be purchased is at the Coral Bay CDD Clubhouse Office on South Bay Drive.

  • IMPORTANT: If you give/provide an e-mail address, make sure that your spam filter(s) are set to permit you to receive e-mails from and; otherwise, you may never receive e-mails from the Envera system.  Please remember that many Internet Service Providers, like AT&T provide their own spam filtering that may have to be configured independently of your e-mail reading software.

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