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Three forms on this page are used by the CDD Board and Management for various purposes.

The first two forms pertain to work that requires Coral Bay CDD Board review and approval.  They are:

  • A Permit Application for work that interfaces in some way with CDD property.  Examples include driveway widening across a sidewalk and swale, modifying land in an easement, and shoreline erosion control.   A Permit Criteria Manual is provided to assist with the permitting process,

  • A Clubhouse Rental Agreement for holding an event in the Clubhouse Meeting Room.


The third form, the Owner/Tenant Gate registration is, as the name implies, to register with CDD Management for gate access and allow the purchase of transponders.

None of these forms can be filled out electronically. To complete one of these forms, you must print it and then fill it out by hand for submission.  Since all of the documents and forms are presented in PDF format, you can also download and save them.

Permit Application and Permit Criteria Manual

All construction and reconstruction projects require approved permits prior to initiating the actual work. As stated in the Rules document, for work that somehow interfaces with CDD property, a CDD Permit Application must be submitted and approved.  Examples of such work include driveway widening across a sidewalk and swale, modifying land in an easement, construction of docks, and shoreline erosion control.  Note that the CDD cannot supersede your Homeowners’ Association’s (HOA’s) approval.  Any proposed improvements must be approved by your HOA before being submitted to the CDD.  Contact your HOA for information on their architectural standards and approval processes.  Contact information for each HOA can be found on the HOAs page.

Permit Criteria Manual

To assist with the permitting process, the following document has been provided: Permit Criteria Manual for Projects Within the Coral Bay Community Development District as revised December 12, 2023.  This manual provides:

  • information about the permitting requirements and process.

  • a copy of the CDD Permit Application form.

Permit Application Form

For your convenience, you may download the Permit Application form:

Clubhouse Rental Agreement

If you want to use the Meeting Room at the Clubhouse for an event, you must print the Clubhouse Rental Agreement, fill it out by hand, submit the completed form to District Management, and receive approval before your event.



Owner/Tenant Gate Registration

The purpose of the Owner/Tenant Gate Registration form is to register your household in the Envera system.  To register, download the Owner/Tenant Gate Registration Form (pdf) or pick up a registration form from outside of the Clubhouse office, and return the completed form to staff at the Coral Bay Clubhouse office during the posted hours along with proof of residency.

A more extensive explanation is available on the Gate Info page.

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